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Étude de cas

Chauffage à haut rendement d’un bâtiment d’État à Pékin, en Chine

Le bâtiment national est l'un des plus grands pavillons au monde et nécessite une solution fiable et efficace pour le chauffage de son espace intérieur et la fourniture d’eau chaude sanitaire.

BPHEs in district heating systems

The city of Hoyerswerda, in eastern Germany, decided to modernize the city's district heating system.

Geothermal stack of BPHEs

Geothermal energy storage is a new energy-saving application with promising future growth potential. Reduced fossil fuel burning and a 95% reduction of CO2 emissions are clear advantages of this system.

Fortum force expands in the Swedish capital

Fortum Värme, the largest district heating company in Sweden, has been a SWEP customer since the start of the new millennium. The two companies have worked closely on district heating substations.

Environmentally friendly supermarket

Keeping food fresh with CO2 and brine. Supermarket refrigeration systems commonly use synthetic refrigerants such as R404A and R22.

Ecology meets economy in a sustainable office building

The Slovak city of Košice has recently seen the construction of a new and innovative building – the EcoPoint Office Center. 

Installation d’un système climatique d’avant-garde dans le bâtiment d'une université néerlandaise

Le magnifique bâtiment neuf du Centre des Sciences de la Vie de l'Université de Groningen, aux Pays-Bas, disposera d'un système climatique révolutionnaire qui réduira de 60 % l'énergie utilisée pour le chauffage et le refroidissement.

District Heating Network Dresden-Nord

Many consumers in the Klotzsche neighborhood of Dresden, Germany, had until 2014 been supplied with district heating by a so-called "island net", CHP Klotzsche.

Clean or untreated water? A BPHE works with both

Industries around the world have to face the challenge of water contamination due to insufficient filtration.

Cooling of test engine

SWEP BPHE’s are widely used within test equipment for engine development, where they both serve for realistic engine operation and accuracy in measurement equipment.

Refroidissement des aliments avec du CO₂ transcritique

La majorité des scientifiques s'accordent à dire que le climat de la Terre est en train de changer et que l'activité humaine est la cause première de ce changement.

Container with cooling capacity

Cooling facilities in ambient temperatures of up to 50 °C are a well-known challenge in the industry.  SWEP's containerized, Energy Transfer Stations for district cooling provide the solution.